Top 5 Reasons Outsourcing Outside Manila Rocks

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, has always been the go-to outsourcing destination. This has been the case for over a decade. Recently however, fueled by increasing congestion and worsening traffic conditions, an increasing number of companies have been setting up outside Manila. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider following this trend too.

1. Lower Cost of Doing Business

Enjoy a comfortable life without spending too much.

Lower wages, rental rates, cost of goods and services in the province mean we can pass on the savings to you. These factors contribute to lower overhead and operating costs. Lower wage doesn’t mean workers outside of Manila are shortchanged. The lower cost of living here means they can enjoy a comfortable life without spending too much.

2. Lower Stress Leads to Higher Productivity

People here enjoy a simpler lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the metro. There’s less traffic congestion, overcrowding and pollution. Commuting is also significantly more convenient. These conditions lead to lower stress and higher quality of life which help your business through increased productivity of your staff. According to a recent study, happy workers are more productive leading to a successful business.

Happy workers are more productive.

3. Large Pool of Qualified Jobseekers

Although most of the top schools are in the country’s capital region, there are still many great schools in the surrounding provinces. Legazpi City has two of the best universities in the Philippines. Bicol University, the best in the region, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified state university producing thousands of qualified graduates each year.

Harness and enhance their skills with our training capabilities.

University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi, another notable university was recently integrated with UST-Manila, one of the oldest universities in the country. With this ample supply of talents combined with our training capabilities that will harness and enhance their skills, we can offer great value to your business.

4. Experienced Professionals Moving Back to the Provinces

After living and working in Manila for more than a decade, our team has decided to move back to Legazpi City to explore opportunities and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle. This is also the case with hundreds of experienced professionals who got tired of the traffic, stress and high cost of living in the metro. It is an opportune time to tap into this valuable talent pool and leverage their experience. Hire us and we’ll connect you with our network of experienced professionals.

Leverage their experience and expertise.

5. Several Infrastructure Improvements on the Way

First class business amenities and advanced infrastructure used to be found only in Manila but now, provinces and smaller cities are catching up. From fiber internet to large malls and fault-tolerant IT business parks. All these contributing to the quality of life and efficiency of business operations.

Government support is also stronger than ever giving startups a favorable atmosphere to run in. We’re also looking forward to the completion of the international airport in Legazpi City which will surely boost the local economy.

From fiber internet to large malls and fault-tolerant IT business parks.

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