5 Key Benefits of a Dedicated Offshore Team

There are different ways of hiring staff or developing your product. You can either pay a fixed price to a contractor or you can hire local employees instead of outsourcing to an offshore team. From our experience, the most cost-effective approach is hiring a dedicated offshore team to work full time for you. Aside from the obvious savings, here are 5 of the most important benefits of hiring a dedicated offshore team:

1. Focused Workforce

Dedicated teams focus only on your business full time. They rarely have other clients, bosses or contract projects that distract them from effectively performing their jobs. They are free from other deliverables and deadlines except those you set for them. A focused employee is a productive employee. Productivity leads to high quality output.

A focused employee is a productive employee.

2. High Quality Work

Focused teams deliver higher quality work than fixed price contract workers. Their only concern is achieving the goals you set for your business. They don’t worry about financial issues because they receive a regular salary. Fixed price contracts on the other hand, especially in software projects, attract workers who are already spread too thin. They often take on more than one project at the same time to offset potential losses from their other contracts.

Achieving the goals you set for your business.

3. Reliability

You can rely on your dedicated offshore team to be available whenever you need them because they are never busy working for someone else. Being a full-time job, your business is their number one priority. They also tend to be more passionate, protective and vested on their full-time work especially because it is their primary source of income.

Your business is their number one priority.

4. Full Control

You have full control and influence in forming the processes, culture, approach, purpose and policies that will shape and guide your dedicated team towards your goals. You have the final say on how they should do things. You can also delegate and let our experienced managers take care of operations for you. It’s your team, it’s your call.

You have full control and influence.

5. Loyalty

A full-time job with above-average salary working for a foreign employer is a big opportunity for Filipinos. It is very unlikely that they will put it to waste. This evokes a strong sense of loyalty in your team resulting in a long and fruitful win-win relationship. If long-term engagement and business longevity are your goals then having a dedicated offshore team that will grow with you is the way to go.

Having a dedicated offshore team that will grow with you is the way to go.

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