6 Noteworthy IT and BPO Companies in Legazpi City

Legazpi City is indeed a practical and effective outsourcing hub

The outsourcing industry in Legazpi City is actually old. BPO companies have been setting up here as far back as 1999. That’s 18 years ago. These companies made the right decision to set up their main or extension sites in Legazpi. They’re now enjoying the savings and workforce benefits of that decision. This shows that Legazpi City is indeed a practical and effective outsourcing hub.

1. Innodata

One of the first and largest BPO companies to expand in Legazpi. Innodata set up a branch here 18 years ago in 1999. Innodata is an American publicly listed company headquartered in Hackensack, NJ. It was founded in 1988 and employs more than 5,000 people worldwide. Learn more about Innodata and their solutions on their website.

2. Sutherland

Sutherland Embarcadero
Photo by Unlimited Legazpi

Another large multinational BPO company employing thousands locally and around the world is Sutherland. They started call center operations in Legazpi sometime in 2013. Their Legazpi site is a sprawling three-story seafront building found within the Embarcadero IT Park. It can accommodate thousands of agents and features redundancy and fault tolerant systems. Learn more about Sutherland on their website.

3. Boomsourcing

Boomsourcing, previously known as Teleserve is another global player in the outsourcing game with hundreds of employees worldwide. Founded in 2007, they use a proprietary voice technology called Perfect Pitch. This innovation enhances an agent’s ability to effectively communicate through pre-recorded responses which avoids distracting accents. They have been running for a few years now in Legazpi City. Learn more about them on their website.

4. WYLog

WYLog is a French consulting and software engineering company founded in 2003. They produce customized software solutions for clients in the technology industry. Their branch here is found within the Redlanch Business Park in Daraga, a town just outside of Legazpi. Redlanch is the only 24/7 complete office solutions provider in southern Luzon with power, water and connectivity redundancies to support uninterrupted operation of businesses.

5. Greymouse

Greymouse Virtual Workforce is an Australian Information Technology and virtual workforce services company founded in 2005. They have a social purpose of alleviating poverty through life changing employment opportunities for locals. They have been running here since 2013 and are also found in the Redlanch Business Park.

6. Your Company

These are just some of the best companies that made the right decision of investing in Legazpi City. There are several other smaller and newer BPO companies that we did not mention but all of them are doing well. Your company could be next. Get in touch with us now so we can start working together to set up your own offshore team here in Legazpi!