5 Ways to Improve Communication of Offshore Teams

Effective communication is the glue that binds together great teams. It’s one of the most important determining factors in business success. This is a challenge for remote teams. They have the burden of stepping up communication efforts because of constraints on time zone, location and physical availability. Here are 5 ways remote teams can improve their communication:

Effective communication is the glue that binds together great teams.

1. Communicate Openly

Open and honest communication should be the top priority of offshore teams that want to be great. Everyone should be able to speak freely without fear of consequence. Make communication as public as possible. Discourage the use of private chat or one on one conversations unless necessary (e.g. confidential topics like salary).

Make communication as public as possible.

Public statements come with accountability. People think twice before saying anything in public. They’re putting their reputation on the line and must stand by whatever they say. Strive to promote a culture of trust, accountability and commitment.

2. Let Everyone Document

Everyone should write new and contribute to existing documentation. It’s not just the technical writer’s job, it’s everyone’s. A simple wiki system where all members can create and edit content is all you need to jump-start a culture of active documentation.

Creating documentation together as a team enhances collective wisdom. Every contributing member gains some level of awareness and knowledge of the company’s processes, policies, standards and other relevant information.

3. Be Transparent with Clients

Openness should extend to clients. They should also be primary users of communication platforms of offshore teams. Ideally, they should have full access to all conversations, chat logs and emails that affect their business. Remote teams and their clients should work together to achieve a balanced, open and consistent communication process. Agree on a standard method and schedule.

4. Request Daily Status

Let everyone in the team share what they have done yesterday and what their goals are today. Try your best to do this daily. This makes everyone accountable, transparent and honest about what they are working on or having issues with. One of the benefits is when someone runs into a problem, a teammate who experienced a similar issue might be able to help. This keeps everyone updated and aware of the progress of the team.

5. Respect Each Other

Open communication does not mean throwing whatever comes to mind to the other person. Always be mindful to avoid condescending and passive-aggressive behavior. Value the person over anything else. Consider the human factor and the other person’s well-being. It’s easy to be carried away by the demands of the business and forget that behind all these are just us, humans. Practice mutual respect in all forms of communication.

Consider the human factor.

There are a lot more ways to improve team communication. From our experience, focusing on just these five things and doing them well is enough to reduce risks and improve chances of success. Get in touch with us now so we can start setting up your reliable, trustworthy and responsive dedicated offshore team!