Rico Zuñiga

Hi, I'm Rico Zuñiga. I create engaging digital products and experiences.

Hoppy Bot

Hoppy Bot • Chatbot • 2016

Facebook Messenger chatbot reviewer for the Philippine CPA board exam. Acquired by iCPA on Nov 2016. Used by more than 29k users who have collectively answered more than 328k questions as of Nov 2017. Accepted into the Bootstrap track of FbStart. Visit Hoppy.

Toddler Animals

Toddler Animals • iOS App • 2015

Educational flashcards and quiz app for preschoolers that helps in vocabulary building. Launched to the App Store and sold for a couple of years. Recently released as open source project on GitHub under MIT license.

Shape Match

Shape Match Kids • iOS Game • 2015

Educational puzzle game for toddlers that improves visual perception and discrimination skills. Launched to the App Store and sold for a couple of years. Recently released as open source project on GitHub under MIT license.

Tetromino Game

Tetromino • iOS Game • 2014

A simple mobile puzzle game for iOS inspired by the famous game, Tetris. Source code available on GitHub with a 4-part tutorial on SitePoint.

iOS Development with C and C++ Tutorial

Using C/C++ in iOS • Tutorial • 2016

A tutorial on how to develop C and C++ apps on iOS using Objective-C++. Published on SitePoint.

Tetromino Game

Using C/C++ in Android • Tutorial • 2016

A tutorial on how to develop C and C++ apps on Android using the NDK. Published on SitePoint.


KeynectUp • iOS App • 2016

Address book management app that automatically updates when a contact's info changes. Launched to the App Store and updated regularly during engagement with client. View screenshots.

Hot Damn! Slots

Hot Damn! Slots • Facebook Game • 2013

Social casino slots game played with virtual coins that can be purchased with real money. Reached 200k+ Monthly Active Players during the peak of its popularity. Launched and live on Facebook.


Patak.me • Web App • 2009

Crowdfunding app where anyone can raise funds for group gifts, activities, charities and other purposes. Launched and updated regularly during my employment.

Behringer Dealer Portal

Dealer Portal • Web App • 2008

Enterprise e-commerce platform where dealers can submit and manage their bulk orders. Launched and updated regularly during my employment. View screenshots.


Tongits • Desktop Game • 2007

One of the first commercial games launched on the Adobe AIR platform. Reached 150k+ downloads and 70k+ Facebook likes. All rights, source code and other assets were acquired by Gaming Network Solutions on April 2014. View screenshots. Read a review by YugaTech.


U-Design • Web App • 2006

Enables UPrinting.com customers to design business cards online. Includes dozens of professionally designed templates. Features custom fonts, image uploading and high resolution PDF drafts. Launched and updated regularly during my employment. View demo.


jTongits • Mobile Game • 2006

Mobile Java (J2ME) port of the Tong-Its game. Sold for a short period. Source code now released on GitHub.

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“Rico's passion and dedication to his craft is an inspiration to our team. He offers a wide range of knowledge, interest and exposure in online technology. He is a hard worker and a very responsible employee. His strong desire for continuous growth on his skill set and knowledge is truly impressive.”

Kathleen Caray Santos, PMP

Kathleen Caray Santos, PMP
Director, Customer Experience at MG Technology SG Pte. Ltd.

“If I would describe Game Development in three words, those words would be: fun, inspiring and worthwhile. Fun, because you talk about games, how to make one and how to profit from it. What could be more fun than that? The course inspired me and my team to create a game that we could be proud of. And it was a worthwhile course. Never a dull moment.”

Kristoffer Ray Corral

Kristoffer Ray Corral
IT Professional at JMH Microfinance Inc., Former Student at Bicol University

“As a nursing student, it is given that we have to memorize tons of critical information especially in preparation for the boards, for me it has always been a challenge and indeed time consuming but after the workshop, it all seemed quick and easy plus fun! Definitely I can use this in my future exams. Thank you Study Tactics!”

Cristina Danica Naño

Cristina Danica Naño
BS Nursing Student at Bicol University

“Wow! I had fun answering the questions plus it's so C-O-O-L and really accessible cause it's on messenger.”

Justine Daria

Justine Daria
BS Accountancy Student at Bicol University

“Rico is an excellent colleague to have around. He keeps always positive and open minded and contributes substantially on discussions and meetings. He is never afraid of coming up with solutions bringing them up on a very direct and gently manner exposing his vast knowledge. He is surely an outstanding professional and person.”

Unai Rodriguez

Unai Rodriguez
Cognitive Technical Lead (AI) at IPsoft

“I worked with Rico for eighteen months. He has a blend of high level grasp of management, sound analytical ability and excellent communication skill. With these unique qualities along with his solid experience in software development, it truly complements his tenacity for work. But what I most admire about Rico are his keen sense to learn and update his professional skill and being a cool dude.”

Romel Candanido

Romel Candanido
Senior Solutions Analyst at Yondu

“It has quickly become a favorite app of Tommy’s, and would be a great addition to the app collection of any toddler or preschooler!”

Heidi Adams

Heidi Adams
Blogger at Make Learn Go

“This app would be great for all ages to learn animal vocabulary. The full screen photos are stunning, animal sounds, great voiceovers & intuitive interface.”

Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, IAYT, RCYP-2

Angela Moorad, MS, CCC-SLP, IAYT, RCYP-2
Speech-Language Pathologist at J.D. McCarty Center

“I really have to say that beyond the intuitive drag-and-drop interface, I loved playing with the AI. It was very challenging (though after several dozen rounds, I kinda got to know how the two other players cook their strategy that I’ve been able to predict when they will draw). But you guys have to try this. Props to Rico for a job well done.”

Abe Olandres

Abe Olandres
Country Manager at NuffNang & Editor-in-Chief at YugaTech

“Tongits is a really addicting card game. Tongits may seem hard to play as you read through this, but it is not hard to get the hang of. The game is a bit complicated to explain, but not complicated to play. I really liked it and kept playing round after round.”

Jennifer Schommer

Jennifer Schommer
Blogger at Casual Gamer Chick

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Best Practices in Starting a Digital Business Seminar

Best Practices in Starting a Digital Business • Seminar • 2018

I conducted a seminar on Best Practices in Starting a Digital Business last March 8, 2018 at Forbes College for 1st to 4th year IT students.

Study Tactics Course

Study Tactics • Seminar • 2018

I conducted a workshop on effective study techniques and improving memory last February 3, 2018 for grade 6-8 students.

Coding Bootcamp

Coding Bootcamp • Seminar • 2018

I conducted a Scratch Coding Bootcamp for kids aged 10 to 12 last January 6 & 7, 2018.

Most Distinguished Alumnus in Information and Communications Technology

Bicol University Exemplar • Award • 2017

I received an award as the Most Distinguished Alumnus in Information and Communications Technology from my alma mater last September 22, 2017 during the Bicol University Exemplar Awards night.

Best Paper Award

Best Paper • Award • 2016

My advisees and students received the Best Paper Award for their thesis entitled, “Tactics: Tackled Theories Involving Child Sensitivity, A Gamified Android App” last March 11, 2016 during the 12th Bicol University Student R&D Forum.

INSTALL V2.0 Symposium

INSTALL V2.0 Symposium • Seminar • 2015

I delivered a talk about the Business of Mobile App Development to students, educators and professionals last August 27, 2015 during the second International Symposium on Technology Advancement through Live Learning.

TV Interview

TV Patrol Bicol • Interview • 2015

I was featured on a local TV show last July 22, 2015 for the educational app I created. Watch the interview here (with English subtitles).

Game Development Course

Game Development • Lectures • 2015

I taught a Game Development course for one semester at Bicol University from November 2014 to March 2015. I also taught IT fundamentals for another semester from June 2015 to October 2015.

Recognition Day Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker • Talk • 2014

I was invited to deliver a Keynote speech on the theme, BUeños: Living up to the Ideals of Scholarship, Leadership, Character and Service during the Recognition Day of Bicol University College of Science last March 18, 2014.

Bicol IT Tech Talk 03

Bicol IT Tech Talk 03 • Seminar • 2014

I gave a talk on Facebook Game Development during the Bicol IT Tech Talk 03 last February 1, 2014 at STI College Legazpi.

Flash Camp Manila

Flash Camp Manila • Seminar • 2011

I helped organize and delivered a talk on Facebook Game Development during the Adobe Flash Camp event last July 19, 2011 at De La Salle University, Manila.

Donated Books

Book Donations • Charity • 2014

I donated my collection of computer and business books to Bicol University during their 45th Founding Anniversary last September 2014.

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Google I/O 15 Extended Roadshow

Google I/O 15 • Seminar • 2015

Provided support to Google Developer Group Philippines in bringing the Google I/O 15 Extended Roadshow event to the Bicol Region. Held last July 25, 2015 at Bicol University.

Understanding the Modern Era

Understanding the Modern Era • Seminar • 2017

A workshop organized by BU College of Science IT students with some support from our Bicol IT organization. Topics were Game Development and Game Marketing. Held last August 16, 2017 at Bicol University.

Bicolanas in Tech v2.0

Bicolanas in Tech v2.0 • Seminar • 2017

Our second event catering to women in tech. Topics were Virtual Assistance, Animation, IT in Banking, Multicultural Environments, and Programming Ethics. Held last August 5, 2017 at Southern Luzon Technological College Foundation Inc.

Bicolanas in Tech

Bicolanas in Tech • Seminar • 2016

A seminar catering to women in the tech industry. Topics were UX, Database Management, Project Management, Social Media Marketing, Tech Startups, and SEO. Held last December 22, 2016 at Bicol University.

Wordpress Workshop

Wordpress Workshop • Seminar • 2016

A half-day workshop on the basics of building websites using Wordpress with speaker Rolando Betara. Held last August 27, 2016 at STI College Legazpi.

Bicol IT Art Fest 01

Bicol IT Art Fest 01 • Seminar • 2016

Organized in cooperation with GFX Design Albay, BU College of Science, BU CIRCUITS and ACCESS orgs. Topics were Vector Graphics, Typography, Photo Manipulation, Layout Design, and Basics of Photoshop. Held last May 7, 2016 at Bicol University.

Android Code Camp

Android Code Camp • Seminar • 2016

Half-day event on the basics of developing Android apps with speaker Josh Henry Regondola. Organized in cooperation with STI Programmers Club and STI College Legazpi. Held last November 19, 2016 at STI College Legazpi.

Tech Talk 11

Bicol IT Tech Talk 11 • Seminar • 2016

Our 11th flagship event. Organized in cooperation with Ligao City government. Topics were Video Editing using Adobe Premiere and Graphic Design using Adobe Photoshop. Held last March 16 & 17, 2016 at Ligao Information Technology Center.

Bicol IT Tech Talk 08

Bicol IT Tech Talk 08 • Seminar • 2015

Organized in cooperation with Ligao City government. Topics were Adobe After Effects, User Experience, Joomla & Wordpress Content Management Systems. Held last August 29, 2015 at La Terraza Restaurant, Tuburan, Ligao City.

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